Secret of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker

Secret of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker


My melatonin knocked me down last night and I was awaken by the heat early this morning.

I feel guilty that whenever I sleep here in my brother’s apartment I come in late for work.

That early call time made me finished another wonderful mind setter book. Of course, what do I do at 4am? Eat? Nah. I am on a reset program as well (more of these on my beauty blog).

Onto to the book.

I first saw…

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My Xtrm Monday Training at AIM

My Xtrm Monday Training at AIM


Consistency is one factor to keep a coal burning. If you missed one opportunity to learn chances are you will not be able to pass it to others.

Last Monday, I attended another training of our team. I committed myself to attend because in every speaker, I can pick up something new and it will keep me on track.

I feel happy and blessed to be with energetic people. There is a reason why I joined…

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PRESS | Colgate Fresh Jam’s Mind Blowing Music Experience for Today’s Generation

PRESS | Colgate Fresh Jam’s Mind Blowing Music Experience for Today’s Generation

For the first time ever, budding songwriters will be given a chance to collaborate with today’s hottest OPM artists. Colgate Fresh Confidence will allow the youth to say their piece about love and relationships, empowering their fellow youth, having great confidence and achieving their dreams, together with their music idols all through social media.

 This fresh way of composing song lyrics is in…

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Jumpstart 6.0: An Xtrm retreat experience

Jumpstart 6.0: An Xtrm retreat experience


12 April 2014, Fraser Place Makati

It was last January when I joined Xtrm 1-11, Inc. It was a culture shocker for me considering myself as an introvert. When I started to immerse myself to the culture they have, I feel really happy because I am now surrounded with people who wants to create change not just to their lives but to others as well.

They are those people who stepped up and changed…

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I can now blog again on my iPad - Happy Easter!

I can now blog again on my iPad – Happy Easter!



Cheers for another Easter Sunday!

The lenten season reminded us with the highest form of love we could ever witness in our lifetime – sacrifice.

To go on with my reflection, I am guilty. I never observed Holy Week the I observed it last year. I was caught up with work during Ash Wednesday and eating no meat on Fridays did not pushes through.

What’s up?

During our usual Visita Iglesiawe went…

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